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Directed by Tara Elliot, Burq Off! is a tour de force of performance and some stage magic. All of the props (from Burqas, to newspapers, to lists of commandments) are made of the fabrics which drape the show, a conceit so simple but so powerful in its execution. Elliot brings a grace to the piece which flows evenly from Nadia’s childhood to her adulthood.

Dan Kitrosser, NY Theater Now

Incorporating theatrical ingenuity between scene transitions, director Tara Elliott has helped writer and performer Nadia P. Manzoor shape her coming-of-age story into a funny, heartfelt tour de force.

Heather Violanti, Theater Online

Burq Off! Is provocative, and uses humor to elucidate sensitive and thorny social issues.

Eleanor Bader, Theater Is Easy

Toscana, or What I Remember

Tara Elliott's direction is assured and sensitive.

Hi! Drama, Leslie Dileo

Director Tara Elliott keeps things moving along smoothly.​

Ray Morgovan, Off Off Online

The play is quite engaging and often funny...Overall, this is a well-formed production which does the Cherry Lane stage credit.

Piper Rasmussen, Theater Is Easy

 Just the right amount of gravitas, humor and everything in between. 

Jessican Taghap, The Resident Artist


(Mindy) Raf had the audience in fits of laughter as she smoothly moved through her relatable and witty narrative of trying to figure it all out.

Corinne Werder, GO Magazine

As a standup fan who has seen comics like Aziz Ansari, Hannibal Buress, and John Mulaney perform live sets, I was impressed by the high comedic bar Mindy Raf set for the night. She is refreshingly polished while still being the kick-ass, real woman that you’ve been waiting for. Bravo.

Lexi Orphanos, Theater Is Easy

“Keeping My Kidneys” is 60 minutes of hilarity. ​

E Garcia, Effort-Lez

Secession 2015

Directors Tara Elliott, Katie Lindsey, and Ashley Brooke Monroe maximize the quality and crevices of their repurposed space. They exact such a rigorous physicality for the muses, that the performers appear like airy automatons...this ambitious immersive experience truly enchants the whole room

Sarah Matusek, New York Theater Review

Captured the soul of the artist in all of us...From seating arrangements, to site lines, to the art on the walls, these subtle experiences in each room aided in the atmosphere of the piece...and that's a sign of success.

Michael Block, Theater in the Now

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